The North Algoma Health Needs Assessment – Implementation Phase Begins


[author ]The North Algoma Health Needs Assessment (NAHNA)[/author]The North Algoma Health Needs Assessment (NAHNA) is now moving into the Implementation Phase of the project. After 2 years of consultations and a Health Needs Assessment in five communities the project is ready to move ahead. A central committee of community stakeholders has been established to oversee progress. With the needs of each community having been identified, each will deal with their individual issues at the local level. Overarching items (issues common to all communities) will be discussed and possible solutions will be presented at the “central level”. Monthly meetings of the central committee will be held and will be open to the public. At these meetings reports from each community will be received and progress in dealing with issues identified. A communication plan will be implemented to share information and keep everyone up to date on the progress being made. The initial meeting of the whole committee will be held Wednesday January 20, 2016 at 10 a.m. in the LDHC Boardroom. Future meeting dates will be announced following that meeting. If you require information regarding the findings of the North Algoma Health Needs Assessment information is available online and at the local library.  


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