Wawa Goose Club – April AGM


Have you noticed the wonderful effect of those really late “April showers”? They came after the wild strawberry blossoms had developed on ½ inch stems, dande-lions were all of one inch high and my rhubarb had grown all of four inches in the cool, cool days of May. They also helped the grass catch up in about four days to where that mower will need to get a workout before too long!


We did have a meeting in May on the same day we put together 54 large and 125 or so small hamburger meat pies, ending just in time to pound the gavel! We apologize to those near the end of the list for the short supply but we did get very near the required number of small pies and rather than leave anyone with nothing the ones we had were shared so that there were about half orders only and all could have at least a taste. It was a busy day with many hands making semi-light(?) work. Those new appliances also made the undertaking much easier to handle: all the filling went into the fridge to cool; the entire batch of pies went into the two freezers so that they froze solid for delivery; and the lunch dishes went into the new dishwasher leaving only the cooling bins and rolling pins for the dish washing helpers.


The meeting reminded us that we are nearing the end of our business year. That means a party and an election. We will get you to come to the party and then the Nomination Committee can convince you to take an active part in actually running the organization. If you do not want to have any arm twisting you can still let your interest be known by talking to Alma Myers or Jean Beland any day now so that they will have a fine time running elections on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 and you can help out on the executive for two years, starting in September.


Oh… that party….don’t forget it!!! It is a supper on Sunday, June 12, 2016: its potluck, byob and we start about 4:30p.m. with appetizers, drinks and chatter. Then we get down to the great variety of goodies supplied from the great kitchens of Wawa. If you are a senior, you are most welcome and you can bring a friend (even one who is not a senior!).


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