Barb Jarvis Awarded Principal Emeritus by Algoma District School Board

Director Reece (left) and Chair Sarlo (right) thank Barb Jarvis, retiring Principal of Sir James Dunn Public School in Wawa

At the Algoma District School Board meeting of Tuesday, June 15th, 2016 two retiring principals were acknowledged and presented Principal Emeritus; Barb Jarvis and Kelly Cudmore.

For the past eleven years, Barb Jarvis has been principal of Sir James Dunn School in Wawa. The Board noted, “Barb has always been able to see the big picture and focuses on the heart of what needs to be accomplished. She is very good at encouraging initiative and cultivating team work with those around her. Barb has a wonderful sense of balance in her life. She is a self-described “pacer” – chunking her to-do lists into manageable portions so that she is always working at her best. Barb has always maintained an amazing sense of compassion and understanding with both her students and co-workers at Sir James Dunn.”

Kelly Cudmore also received Principal Emeritus. Kelly has had an extensive teaching career from teaching at a First Nation school in Manitoba to Maputo, Mozambique and back to the Sault to teach, and where she completed her career as the Principal at St. Joseph Island Public School. In 1994, Kelly was awarded the Norma Smith Memorial Award in appreciation for her years of service in the integration of exceptional persons.

Chair Jennifer Sarlo and Director Lucia Reece congratulated Barb and Kelly on their retirements and thanked them for their professionalism and insight over the years.


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