Local Woman Publishes Near-Death Experience Book and Tells How The Catholic School Board Hid Her Story


Maria Iuliano was five years old on July 16, 1980, when she was pronounced clinically dead during open-heart surgery. She had an out-of-body experience and explored heaven where she learned many teachings from key individuals of popular culture, academia, and spirituality.

After Maria recovered and returned to school, she was excited to share her stories. A Catholic school counsellor threatened to have Maria taken away from her family if she spoke about her time in heaven and what she saw and learned. Fear kept Maria silent for years.

Now an adult, Maria has reconnected with her spirituality and is able to recall the powerful messages she learned during her near-death experience. She believes these messages were meant for the greater good of humanity and shares them in her first book, Crisis of Spirit.

Crisis of Spirit tells the true story of what the Catholic School Board did to Maria and what she had to endure as a result. The book also explains the powerful messages she was given while she was in heaven – messages that will help people shift awareness of their consciousness and create peace within. The book is easy to read and includes visual and practical teachings for different learning styles.

Maria graduated with Honours in Peace and Conflict Studies from Sault College. She runs a successful business called Life Improvers where she is a Peace and Spiritual Mentor. She is working on her second book due for release in January 2017.


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