East Algoma OPP – Respond to 27 Bear Complaints


During the last month, the East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to 27 bear complaints within the Elliot Lake and Blind River areas.  The mere sight of a bear does not necessarily constitute an immediate threat to public safety.

The OPP will respond to emergency calls about wild animals if there is an immediate threat to the public.  The only option available to the police is to destroy the threat. The simple fact that they are wandering around town is not a police matter and if left alone they will go about their business and leave.  Wild animals frequenting built up areas is usually a learned habit resulting from people leaving food sources (garbage) accessible to them.  To avoid these animals from becoming nuisances and threats requires the public to eliminate the food sources in their town/city.  Failure to do this will ultimately train them to continue in this habit which will generally result in their death or serious consequences to humans and their property

The Bear-Wise Reporting toll free number continues to operate for reporting sightings and information on bear proofing purposes.  Call 1-866-514-2327. The OPP does not have the necessary equipment or the training to re-locate problem bears.

For more information on Bear Wise visit:  www.Ontario.ca/bearwise


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