Franco-Ontarian education promises forgotten Liberal “Reset Throne Speech”


On Monday, the Wynne Liberals decided to push the “reset button” and presented their new throne speech, but MPP Michael Mantha points out that Franco-Ontarians were left out.

“When I listened to the Throne Speech earlier this week, there was no reference at all to Francophone Ontarians. None at all,” said Mantha.

This year, Ontario celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the French Language Services Act. For many years now, people have had access to French language education at elementary school, high school and college levels. However; for decades Francophones have been calling for access to a designated French university level education, only to be disappointed again.

New Democrats say that now is the time to move forward again. “Why has this government chosen to once again forget about 600,000 Francophone Ontarians who have been waiting so long for access to a Francophone university, so students can study in the language they were raised with since childhood?”


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