Picture of the Day – Sand River Hill


It is one of the best spots to look out over Lake Superior. Those who travel from the Soo back home to Wawa in the evening – hoping to beat the dusk and the hazards of moose at twilight often are treated to sunset vistas here.

If you time it right you can watch the sun getting lower at Alona Bay, then creeping towards the horizion at Montreal River. Hopefully by the time you are at Agawa Bay – the rays of the setting sun are beaming through the white pines.

Now you have a choice, swing into Agawa Bay and catch the sunset there? Is the sun setting too far around the bend, or is it highlighting the clouds over the lake? It’s another five minutes to the Sand River Hill and Bathtub Island – or maybe catch the sun setting just off the point at Katherine Cove?

This time, the sun had set between my arrival at the Agawa Bay lookout and the Sand River Hill. The sun was gone, but it had touched the clouds with the last bit of fire.




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