Yep, a winter storm is still brewing and it’s coming our way

Snow Squalls

On the bright side, we’ve lost around 15cm of snow since the warm spell started last week, unfortunately it looks like we will get that all back.

We first told of a pending late winter storm on Monday and now we have a better idea of just how this storm will track.

First of all we will explain what going on. You may have heard of the rain problem that California is experiencing – after several years of drought. This past week California has seen torrential rain causing flooding. That same system is now making it’s way across the mid U.S. and also picking up additional moisture from the gulf.

This low pressure system is bumping into cooler air and we know what happens next – snow and lots of it.  This storm according to American weather forecasters could dump as much as a foot of new snow in areas from Colorado to Michigan and the Algoma District is also in its path, though by the time it arrives here it will be tamer with a mixed precipitation from rain and freezing rain to all snow by Saturday.  The call is still in the 10 to 15cm range by the time the system tracks to the east and allows the cooler air to return behind it.

Though most of the active weather will remain south of the border , the track of the storm will still mean a period of freezing rain developing Friday afternoon, that freezing rain will then turn to a mix before accumulating snow begins Friday night into most of the day Saturday.

Temperatures are expected to drop to below freezing and stay that way for about 5 days before temperatures begins to swing back to the plus side. March for the most part will remain “normal” temperature wise before a gradual climb to above seasonal develops for mid March.

Environment Canada has not issued any watches or warnings for the area but is expected to sometime Friday. If the low tracks more north than south that will determine what kind of precipitation we will see. If the low pressure system tracks more north, it will mean more rain or freezing rain, if the low slips more southerly, that means more snow.


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