Northern Ontario Party Leader will come talk to you (with conditions)


Northern Ontario Party Leader, Trevor Holliday is willing to make visits to your business, farm or have coffee with you, your family, and employees.  This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and get to meet a party leader that is willing to meet one on one or in groups.

How often have you had the opportunity to request a one on one visit with a provincial party leader without having to go through a lot of hurdles and administrative assistants, just to be either denied or have your requests go unanswered?

Many people have said that Trevor is the most approachable and hard working Party Leader and he is now willing to prove it by doing what no other leader does, by meeting the people on their terms

To invite and book time with Trevor Holliday the leader of the Northern Ontario Party:

[email protected]

Please include:

1.      The name of business, school, group, team or resident/family

2.      The contact person and contact information

3.      Reason for the meet (speech, assembly, questions, tour etc.)

4.      Date and time that are best according to the below (scheduling)

Scheduling Restrictions

North Bay and Area Various and somewhat flexible

Manitoulin Island May 26 or 27th

Other Areas

(a)   With Donation to the party equal to or greater than the cost of travel.

(b)   10 or more paid members

(c)    30 or more people

(d)   Location and if necessary accommodations are booked.

 Other restrictions may apply and may vary depending on date and time or availability.


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