The North, Still the Neglected Child: Northern Ontario Party


Wynne’s government announces a new budget and yet again she ignores the North. There are going to be new hospitals in Windsor and Niagara, new renovations to the current hospitals in Mississauga and Hamilton. Unfortunately, the cupboard must be bare after spending tax payers’ money on the Golden Horse Shoe facilities, because the Northerners continue to live shorter lives and are still forced to see hospital staff laid off.

Toronto gets helped out by Wynne, as she donates tax payers’ properties to help build 2000 more housing units for Torontonians, While the citizens of Northern Ontario received none. I guess we don’t qualify for these special GTA privileges, maybe she forgot we exist or don’t count in her Ontario.

Pharmacare plus, as the liberals like to call their NDP copycat plan, doesn’t seem to help Northern Ontario much as our population is aging and most of our young adults move south to get an education from better equipped schools. Or our young are forced to flee from the North to gain meaningful employment. Where is the equality Ms. Wynne does the North count in your Ontario?

We can go on with this depressing list of gifts to the GTA and the Liberal’s droppings for the North. But the Northern Ontario Party wants to shine a new hope for the North. We want to make Northern Ontario stronger for everyone. We have a plan.

The Northern Ontario Party, as we have described in the past, wants to create A Northern Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry which would be run and operated by people in Northern Ontario. Not only does this party want to create a Northern MNRF, the party also wants to negotiate with First Nations, to help them develop their own Fish and Wildlife game system, where they can set up their own rules for conservation and have the ability to enforce these rules and regulations with their members

The Northern Ontario Party is about investing in the North and the Northern economy. The Northern Ontario Party wants to create a provincial program to eliminate municipal taxes for ten years for all new manufacturing plants in Northern Ontario that complete at least 80 per cent

of finished form. This would be developed on a sliding scale based on start up costs and type of company.

The Northern Ontario Party will also undertake investment partnerships with mining companies and claim owners to begin building the required infrastructure for the Ring of Fire project, including an access road and/or rail line north from Nakina. All provincially funded builders/developers will be sourced from within Northern Ontario, hiring Northern Ontarians.

As we have stated before the Northern Ontario Party is committed to the North and the people who are lucky enough to live here. We will continue to fight until Northern Ontario is a proud, |Independent, and thriving province, where people can raise their families and not have to worry that their young will be forced to leave.

Stay tuned, for more platforms to be released in the near future.




Myles Clayton

Media and Social Media Manager


  1. Imagine forming a northern Ontario province.!!This sounds like the separatist movement in Quebec. NOT MUCH TAUGHT WAS PUT IN THIS MOVEMENT.
    The aboriginals would claim most of this territory, as they are trying to do ,now.
    Do you realize how large a population and industrial taxes are collected from Windsor to Kingston.
    Where would we get the money to build roads,bridges and repair these roads.
    I am sure glad,your naive dream is only a DREAM.

    • Whereas Quebec wants to separate from Canada, The Northern Ontario Party wants Northern Ontario to become its own province. The North has suffered for years under the big 3 political parties whose only concerns are fulfilling the GTA wants and needs. We produce excess power in the North that we can sell, (we produce 25% of the province’s power, while only having ten percent of the population). We have a huge mining and forestry base that we do not encourage companies to manufactured products in the North. We have a huge tourism potiential but the southern government only portrays the Golden Horseshoe as worth seeing in their promotional videos.The money from our resources goes to the South and we in the North never see a return. They throw us crumbs and we are suppose to say thank you
      In our research, Northern Ontario could easily afford to become its own province and do quite well. When you rely on the South to run the province, you get once thriving towns in the North like Elliot Lake, Wawa and the Sault becoming Ghost towns.


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