Swimming Advisory for Old Mill Beach


Algoma Public Health has issued a swimming advisory for Old Mill Beach located in Blind River, Ontario.

Due to increased rainfall, wastewater may bypass treatment processes and flow into neighboring beach water.  Water results are likely to exceed the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care bacteriological guidelines for safe swimming/bathing.

Algoma Public Health recommends this beach may be unsafe for swimming at this time.

Before swimming, take into consideration the past day’s weather and the current conditions of the beach.  Water may contain high levels of bacteria for up to 48 hours following heavy rainfall, high winds, or increased number of waterfowl.  The public is encouraged to visit the Beach Warnings section on our website to view an interactive map of the beaches sampled and any current warnings or postings.

Swimming advisories do not close the beach or stop people from swimming. They let swimmers know about the water conditions the day the sample was taken. Swimming in water with high levels of E. coli can cause skin, eye, nose and throat infections, as well as stomach illness.

To reduce your risk:

• Avoid swallowing beach water
• Towel off after a swim
• Shower once at home


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