UPDATED: River Valley Park Reprieve

Geoff and Jan Good - Outside their home at River Valley Park. They stand to lose everything if River Valley Park closes Aug.31,2017.

UPDATED @ 6:25pm

In a telephone interview late Wednesday afternoon, with Mr. Harjeet Dusanjh, River Valley Park’s owner told Superior Media,

“A letter of request for an extension of the Aug. 31st, 2017 closure order (http://www.algomapublichealth.com/media/2444/river-valley-park-appeal-board-decision.pdf) was asked of River Valley Park Inc. by Algoma Public Health. I have submitted the letter to APH.”

This outcome was part of a morning meeting held with MOECC, APH, River Valley Park owners, Kresin Engineering, and MPP Michael Mantha in the MOECC offices on Foster Dr.

“Hopefully when the study (results) comes out (ACS), we will be ready for the next piece of the application process. I continue to want to support the residents out there. I am continuing to invest in River Valley Park. If we can work together we can fix this. There are residents there who have their faith in me – And they want to stay there. I want this to be a beautiful place for people to live.”

Dusanjh said that discussions took place this morning on how River Valley Park can move forward, given the issues laid out in the closure order. “The hope for River Valley residents now, is that Algoma Public Health will allow for a revised compliance agreement, leading to a lift of the (Aug. 31st) closure order.

Superior Media also spoke with MPP Michael Mantha. “Before I can state that everything is good news, we still need a positive response from APH for the extension request.” he said. “I’m very hopeful, however, the new revised compliance order (from APH) will allow for the park to continue. There is still much to do, and to be considered, I understand, but a path forward is what I am seeing today.”

“We had some productive discussions this morning – There is some information and a letter that needs to be finalized by the park owner – and a decision to be rendered on that request by Algoma Public Health tomorrow (Aug.31st).

Superior Media can confirm that according to Mr. Harjeet Dusanjh the requested letter for extension consideration was submitted earlier today.

MPP Mantha said, “Kresin Engineering, MOECC, APH, the owners of River Valley – Everybody had an opportunity to share issues and concerns. A lot of questions were answered.”

“I think we have a path forward.” he said. “I found the meeting this morning to be very productive.”

“Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow we will be able to share the exact details of how River Valley Park will move forward. There will be ongoing information and reports that are going to be required by the Park owner, and once that information is provided we can proceed to the next step.”

“We have seen a commitment from Harjeet Dusanjh to upgrade River Valley Park. He took away an over 10 year boiled water advisory almost as soon as he purchased the Park. In the short time he’s had the park, he has improved the quality of life for residents.”


Earlier Story

Superior Media has learned that a closure order scheduled for August 31st, 2017 has – at least for the time being – been lifted.

A meeting took place at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) office on Foster Drive earlier today with the MOECC, Algoma Public Health (APH), River Valley Park’s owner Harjeet Dusanjh and MPP Michael Mantha in attendance.

According to a source – River Valley Park has been given an extension to allow for the Assimilative Capacity Study to be completed by Greenland Consulting Engineers (Collingwood, Ontario) in conjunction with Kresin Engineering.

In an interview yesterday, Trevor Boston, Greenland Consulting’s project manager for the ACS, stated that Greenland will be conducting the ACS, and has set September 15th, 2017 as the date for the study to be completed.

Superior Media will share updates as information becomes available.



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