Can you help the MNRF solve any natural resources violations?

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The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has developed a new tool for reporting natural resource violations and providing information on unsolved cases.

Can you help solve any of the cases?

Here is just one of the many unsolved cases:

Unsolved: Abandoned Nets near Montreal River results in significant fish loss

Summary: In January 2017, MNRF conservation officers discovered an abandoned net located near the mouth of the Montreal River in Lake Superior.

Each end of the net was marked with a single yellow plastic jug.

The net was actively fishing at the time of retrieval.

Over 150 pounds of fish were removed from the net, including over 90 pounds of walleye, in varying states of decomposition.

The amount of fish would have been significantly higher however a large quantity rotted out of the net.

Location: Fisheries Management Zone 9, at the mouth of the Montreal River in Lake Superior
Occurrence number: RM17000289
Date: September 2016 – January 2017

More unsolved cases can be found at:

From the MNRF Website:  “Every year, a number of natural resource violation cases go unsolved. They can be difficult to solve because they happen in remote areas where there are few eyewitnesses.

Our conservation officers make over 170,000 contacts with citizens in the field each year. We rely on tips from the public, physical evidence and community support to help solve these cases.”

Report any suspected illegal activity you’ve seen against Ontario’s fish and wildlife, species at risk, shore lands, forests, provincial parks and conservation reserves, petroleum, aggregate resources and public lands.

Violations of our natural resources can lead to conviction and fines.

Visit the website link above or call MNRF Tips if you have any information at 1-877-847-7667.



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