Kub Kar Rally fun for local scouts!

Kub Kar, Beaver Buggie, and Transports done by Scouts!

This weekend, our local Scouts celebrated spring with their annual Kub Kar Rally.

This event is always greatly anticipated by the Cubs, whose volunteers call it the ‘highlight of the year,’ as it is a fun learning experience, stimulating team and individual work ethic.

Neil McLean, Cub Scout Leader, explains the competition, “Every year, the boys and girls in the Cubs get a little kit to make a car. They can design and paint it however they would like, as long as it is not more than 5 ounces.”

The car can be shaped however they would like, and is weighed prior to the event.

The youth begin working on their cars at home and at weekly meetings.

McLean told SaultOnline, “The Cubs race them at their own meetings, and then they race them here to claim a title for the whole area, which includes Sault Ste. Marie and Bar River.”

This year, there were 21 Kub Kar submissions, as well as 12 Beaver Buggie submissions, which is the division for Beaver Scouts.

“It teaches the kids creativity and planning. It also teaches them responsibility because they have to take care of their cars. If they play with them before, they lose their speed. It also teaches them how to be sportsmanlike in a competition as well,” McLean shares.

The divisions were divided into ‘Super Stock’ (the fastest group and ‘Stock’ (lower speed group). This allowed for the Cubs to compete fairly.

This year’s winners are as follows;


1st – Lukis Joy-Stoycheff – 21st Eastside

2nd – Aaron Galka – Bar River

3rd – Jack Currie – 21st Eastside


1st – Gavin Watson – 21st Eastside

2nd – Denver Pettenuzo – #19 Korah West

3rd – Amy McLean – #20 St. Paul’s

Congratulations to this year’s winners, and kudos to the volunteers and parents to help make this event possible.

For more information on Scouts Canada and to find the Scouts nearest you, click here.


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