NDP leader Singh huddles with caucus after MP’s explosive allegations


OTTAWA — Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is huddling with his caucus behind closed doors this morning following troubling allegations from one of their colleagues.

Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir rocked his party on Tuesday when he alleged that a harassment complaint filed against him in January was not only unfounded, but politically motivated.

Weir alleges the complaint was brought forward by a member of former leader Tom Mulcair’s staff in retaliation for Weir having questioned the Trudeau government’s national carbon-tax plan.

The allegation came as the NDP was weighing the results of a third-party investigation into the complaints and appears to have rattled the party.

Singh, as well as some of those Weir alleged were involved in efforts to punish him, including Ontario MP Charlie Angus and Quebec MP Christine Moore, avoided questions or deferred to the leader as they entered their weekly caucus meeting today.

The party says Singh will speak to the media later today, though it will not say when the results of the third-party investigation into Weir’s actions will be released.

The Canadian Press


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