Doug Ford dismisses Liberal allegations he was involved in fake membership sales


TILLSONBURG, Ont. — Doug Ford is dismissing allegations that he was involved in selling fake Progressive Conservative party memberships as a desperate attempt by the governing Liberals to change the channel two weeks before the Ontario election.

Ford, who became Tory leader earlier this year, says the allegations, which date back to 2016, were brought to the party at the time and an appeal was dismissed.

The Liberals played audio at a news conference today that they allege is of Ford trying to sign up people to vote for a particular candidate in a nomination race, but telling them they don’t have to pay.

Memberships to the Progressive Conservative party cost $10 for one year and must be paid by the individuals who sign up.

Liberal campaign co-chair Deb Matthews says paying for someone else’s membership could violate election laws against making secret donations and possibly put someone over the donation cap.

Ford says he did not pay for anyone else’s membership, but didn’t deny that he told potential members they wouldn’t have to pay if they signed up to vote for his preferred candidate.

The Canadian Press


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