Suspect charged in fire that killed three people in Sudbury, Ont.

fire investigation

SUDBURY, Ont. — A 25-year-old man is facing charges in connection with a Sudbury, Ont., fire that claimed the lives of three people earlier this month.

Police say the suspect is charged with three counts of being a party to first-degree murder and one count each of being a party to attempted murder, being a party to arson with disregard for human life and conspiracy to commit murder.

Investigators say flames broke out at a residential building in the early hours of April 11.

They say four people were inside the unit where the fire began, and a 37-year-old man managed to escape by jumping out of a second-story window.

Police say a 26-year-old woman died at the scene and a 50-year-old man died in hospital.

A 33-year-old woman who was critically injured in the fire died in hospital nearly a week later.

Police say they are seeking information on other people they believe to be involved in the incident.


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