Lawsuit alleges 5 assaulted by police at clearing of Toronto homeless encampment


TORONTO — Five people who showed up to support residents of a homeless encampment in Toronto as it was being dismantled this summer have launched a lawsuit alleging they were assaulted by police.

The lawsuit was filed by Ollie D’Agostino, Skyler Williams, Callista Durose-Moya, Ellie Adekur and Keith Cameron, who were at the Lamport Stadium encampment on July 21.

It names as defendants the City of Toronto, the Toronto Police Services Board and four officers.

In a statement of claim, the defendants say they came, along with many others, to peacefully observe and prevent the encampment residents’ homes from being destroyed.

They allege they were attacked and injured by the officers in what they call a display of “excessive, unreasonable” force.

The allegations have yet to be tested in court. The city and police board did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



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