East Algoma OPP on Patrol for Canada Road Safety Week


The East Algoma Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police is participating in Canada Road Safety Week (CRSW) which is a national traffic safety initiative led by Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and is taking place from May 17 to May 23, 2022.

The campaign focuses on increasing public awareness and compliance with traffic laws relating to the “Big Four”. These are the leading causal factors in traffic deaths and consists of:

  • Alcohol/drug-impaired driving
  • Distracted driving (including texting and inattentive driving)
  • Aggressive driving (including speeding)
  • Lack of occupant restraints (seatbelts)

The OPP is encouraging all motorists to think about problematic driving behaviours and to adjust them accordingly.

While the OPP and its traffic safety partners remain committed to saving lives on our roads, drivers, passengers and other road users can significantly contribute to safe roads by avoiding risks and complying with all traffic laws


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