Voter turnout hits all-time low for Ontario election


Voter turnout hit an all-time low in Ontario’s provincial election.

Elections Ontario says about 43per cent of eligible voters cast ballots in Thursday’s contest, down from 57 per cent in 2018.

The agency says 99 per cent of polls have reported, but percentages are rounded to the nearest two decimals and may not add up to 100 per cent.

The 14 per cent drop in voter turnout between 2018 and this year’s election is the second largest in Ontario’s history after 86 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots in 1919 and 58 per cent voted in 1923.

The previous turnout low was 48 per cent in 2011 when Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal Party won a minority government.

Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives won a second majority Thursday night.

Ford’s win led to the resignations of both Andrea Horwath as leader of the New Democrats and Steven Del Duca as leader of the Liberals.



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