Kevin Hart tied to Wawa, not the place, just energy drinks and hoagies


Yes it is true. Kevin Hart is now bound to Wawa through a hoagie and energy drink, dream-come-true for fast food lovers.

The stand-up comedian and movie star known for his roles in movies like Scary Movie 3, Little Fockers, Soul Plane, Get Hard and many others has a combo meal named after him.

Wawa, Inc. operates a chain of convenience stores with a home base in Pennsylvania. The company retails food, beverages, gasoline, and convenience products for customers in the United States.

Why should you care as a reader? You probably shouldn’t. This is really nothing important. It is just comical for some of us Northern Ontarians who associate the word ‘Wawa’ with our northern neighbour.

The name of the company and the Municipality of Wawa come from the same source. The company was named after a town in Pennsylvania that took its name from the Canada Goose, as did our northern, municipality neighbour.



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