2022 CSC Nouvelon school trustee election results


The Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon is pleased to congratulate the candidates in the recent school board election who were successful in their quest to serve as school trustees with the CSC Nouvelon. After all votes were cast on Monday, October 24, the following trustees, representing the eight zones of the CSC Nouvelon, have been elected to its Board for a four-year term starting on November 15, 2022.

Zone 1

Espanola, North Shore                Paul Gervais                               Acclamation

Spanish, Elliot Lake

Zone 2

Sault Ste. Marie                          Suzanne Salituri                          Acclamation

Zone 3

Chapleau, Michipicoten,              Luc Tessier                                 Acclamation

White River

Zone 4

Greater Sudbury                         Claude Berthiaume                     Acclamation

(Wards 1 to 4)                                       Marcel Montpellier

Zone 5

Greater Sudbury                         Monique Aubin-Gagné                         Majority

(Wards 7 to 12)                                     Josée Bisson

Raymond Joanisse

Zone 6

Greater Sudbury                         Louise Essiembre                        Acclamation

(Wards 5 and 6)                                    Marcel Legault

Zone 7

St-Charles, Markstay-Warren,                 Julie Allen                                   Acclamation

French River

Zone 8

Dubreuilville, Hornepayne                       Roger Lemoyne                          Acclamation

On Tuesday, November 15, at 6 p.m., the 12 school trustees will be officially sworn in during the board’s inaugural meeting to take place at the board’s head office at 201 Jogues St., in Sudbury.

“On behalf of the CSC Nouvelon, I’d like to first congratulate those who were elected but I would also like to thank all those who ran. Your willingness to contribute to our schools demonstrated your belief in our school system and the importance of French-language Catholic education in our community. We sincerely thank Mr. Garry Bruneau, Mr. Normand Courtemanche and Mr. Marc Larochelle for their many years of service as elected members of the school board,” said Mr. Paul Henry, Director of Education and Secretary Treasurer. “We look forward to working with new and returning trustees. We are confident that with their support, we will continue to offer a positive learning environment and the best French-language education in the districts of Sudbury-Manitoulin and Algoma.”


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