Celebrating 50 years in Algoma District


On Tuesday, November 1, 2022, over 200 RTOERO District 3 members will gather at the Grand Gardens North at noon to celebrate fifty years being a district in the national organization, RTOERO, originally known as the Retired Teachers of Ontario or the Superannuated Teachers of Ontario. RTOERO District 3 Algoma is one of 51 districts across Canada of retired workers at all levels in education.

Locally, District 3 has about 1200 members who live in the District of Algoma which is comprised of the communities Sault Ste. Marie, the Central Algoma area, Hornepayne, Wawa, Chapleau as well as communities along the North Shore, including Iron Bridge, Blind River, Elliot Lake and Spanish. The mission of RTOERO is to “improve the lives of our members and all seniors”. This is done through our health plans, political advocacy and making social connections. District 3 members are deeply engaged in volunteer work throughout our district. Two of the projects that have RTOERO members are the Davey Home Tuck Shop and Vision Screening with the Lion’s Club.

“We have so much to celebrate from our history”, stated District 3 Algoma President, Christopher Rous. “But the best thing to celebrate is coming together in person after 3 years! We had some mini-celebrations with members in Wawa, Elliot Lake and Blind River this fall. November first will be a great opportunity for friends and colleagues to enjoy lunch and re-connect in the central area of our district. We have much to be proud of with three of our members over the years leading the national organization: Weldon Abernathy, Mickey Contini and Rich Prophet.”


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