Enbridge Gas Assists Huron Shores Fire Department in Supporting Firefighter Training


Enbridge Gas Inc. (Enbridge Gas) is helping Huron Shores Fire Department purchase firefighting training materials, through Safe Community Project Assist–a program with the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council (FMPFSC) that supplements existing training for Ontario volunteer and composite fire departments in the communities where Enbridge Gas operates.

“At Enbridge Gas, safety is our priority. We’re proud to support Ontario firefighters who share our commitment to keeping our communities safe, healthy and vibrant,” says Brent Belec, Operations Supervisor – Northern Region Operations, Enbridge Gas.

This year’s $250,000 donation from Enbridge Gas will be shared by 50 Ontario fire departments, including Huron Shores Fire Department. Funds are used to purchase educational materials to assist in training firefighters in life-saving techniques.

Since the launch of Safe Community Project Assist in 2012, 294 grants have been provided to Ontario fire departments for additional firefighter training.

“Safe Community Project Assist improves access to training materials for fire departments,” says Jon Pegg, Ontario Fire Marshal and Chair of the FMPFSC.

“Firefighting can be dangerous and unpredictable, and these training materials positively contribute to the health and safety of firefighters and the broader community.”

“The Huron Shores Fire Department would like to thank Enbridge for their generous donation for training materials. It is donations such as this that allows us to continue to improve our training to better service our community,” says Acting Fire Chief Jim Kent. “Last year, our department engaged with Enbridge to train our members about Natural Gas. With such tremendous support from Enbridge, the Huron Shores Fire Department is able to work safely and continue on-going training.”


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