Icebreaking near Bruce Mines


The Canadian Coast Guard advises residents of Bruce Mines, Ontario, of upcoming icebreaking operations in the area, in the North Channel, on or around April 8, 2023. The purpose of these operations is to break up the ice to allow commercial vessels safe access to community ports.

The date and assets are subject to change with no notice, depending on operational requirements and/or weather conditions.

The Canadian Coast Guard reminds the public that it can be very dangerous to venture onto the ice and suggest that they familiarize themselves with our ice safety tips. All ice surface users should plan their ice activities carefully, use caution on the ice and avoid the shipping lanes and icebreaking operations. Even if temperatures are cold, ice can be expected to be deteriorating naturally due to spring conditions and the effects of the sun. Extreme caution must be exercised should anyone venture out onto the ice.

At all levels, the Canadian Coast Guard and United States Coast Guard work closely together and have developed a longstanding partnership to provide icebreaking services in the Great Lakes.


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